There is Power in the Blood

How much more shall the blood of Christ...cleanse your conscience from dead works to serve the living God?
— Hebrews 9:14

By God's grace we have a conscience by which we can know and feel when something is right or wrong. But how many times have we done what our conscience said not to do? It is not a complete guide for conduct because the power of the will can overcome it and actually tell the conscience how to behave! A perfect conscience is one that has been cleansed by Jesus through a person’s free and powerful will choosing to follow Christ.

Perhaps the most effective way Satan hinders a Christian is by guilt. While reminding you of your failings he will tell you that you are not good enough to serve God, or to witness for Him. It’s here that we can fall into the trap of “dead works.” Feeling bad over a guilty conscience can lead us to begin to do “good deeds” just to feel better about ourselves. We have done something wrong so we think we need to do something right for God to smile on us again. These are the “dead works” Jesus died to cleanse. He doesn’t want you going around doing things to try to clear your conscience. He wants to cleanse it. Don’t let the enemy hinder you. Come to Jesus by faith, resting in His power to rid you of guilt and then get on with it and serve God. Some are not usefully serving the Lord because they are so hung up in this area. They are constantly looking inward, feeling bad about their failures. God wants you to settle it by knowing and understanding what the Scripture says that Christ has achieved for you! Let Him cleanse you from all guilt and shame so that you can serve the living God with a free heart, with the anointing of God on your life, walking in the light in openness with God. Jesus can set you free to be a victorious Christian – fruitful, powerful, and full of faith! You can know the assurance of a Christ-cleansed conscience. There is power in the blood – power to make you all that God intended you to be!

- From Study #5166